Saturday, July 30, 2011

Five Favorite Finds

Hope you all had a fantastic week and are having a great weekend! I know I've been MIA this week, and I could list a million excuses, but lets just get to the cool stuff I've found instead...

Mason Jar Lanterns from Brown Paper Packages
- would look adorable on an outdoor set!

Frozen Berries from Kayotic Kitchen - would be a great treat on these 100*F+ days we've been having here

Dear Lizzy is taking it back old school with slap bracelets, but definitely updates them!

Homemade Chandelier from Art is Beauty - another fabulous outdoor lighting source!

Smores Bar - would be a really fun idea at a backyard barbeque!

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Baby Shower - Recap

Brooke's baby shower was yesterday, and was lots of fun! I went to my parents house Friday night to set up, and people started arriving about 1pm yesterday! It was so great to see all of my family and friends, and to celebrate the upcoming addition of Baby Braylee! My camera was broken yesterday (isnt' that how it always goes!?) so here are some I took with my parents camera; hope you enjoy!

Food and Ice Cream Bar


I made the "flowers" and the pinwheel mobile

My cousin brought her baby to the shower and she took turns being passed cute!

Brooke got this cradle as a present and it is so pretty in person!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Five Favorite Finds - Cute Baby Photos Ideas Edition

Today's the big day! I'm SO EXCITED!!!! For those of you that followed my blog this week, you all know I'm throwing a baby shower today. I'll be back tomorrow night hopefully to share with you the big reveal! Brooke's due in 6 1/2 weeks! For my five favorite finds this week I've decided to post some cute baby photos and ideas of keeping track of their growth!

The Macs had a good idea to mark important milestones with a chalkboard

Famille Summerbelle marked each month with magnetic letters and numbers

Young House Love took weekly photos of their baby with colorful fabrics and photoshopped onesies

Hanna Mac Photography made this cute pregnancy book, then continued with monthly updates after the baby was born

Real Simple showcased a cute way to track growth...through the babies shoes!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Baby Shower - Games and Prizes

We are playing three different games at my sisters shower:
1.Guess the mom's belly size- each person cuts off as much ribbon as they think it'll take to wrap around the mothers belly at it's biggest point (don't worry, it was my sister's idea...she asked if we could play it). Whoever get's the closest wins.

2. Gift Bingo - number each present as they come in and hand out Blank Bingo cards once all the guests have arrive and have them fill in the numbers of gifts in random order on their cards. As the mom opens each gift she calls out the number marked on the gift, and the first person to get Bingo wins!

3. Guess What Celebrity This Is: I printed out the pages found here Game Number 152. They're childhood photos of celebrities. I'm going to give them 5 minutes to figure it out without hints to who the celebrities are, and if no ones gotten it correct by then I'll give them cheat sheets with the possible celebrities listed. Can anyone guess who this celebrity is?...

For prizes I have a spa set, a trio of candles, and some decorative plates. I figure I'll just let whoever wins pick from the prizes.

Two more days...I can't wait! I do so love to throw a party! :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baby Shower - Baby Cakes

I love the look of diaper cakes. There are a million tutorials out there, and they're really not that hard to figure out, so I won't bore you with a step by step and pictures for it all.

Materials: Johnson and Johnson Travel pack, diapers, pizza pan, fake flowers, pack of 3 receiving blankets, pack of 6 washcloths, 3 bottles, crocheted headband with flower, ribbon, styrofoam circles

I used about 70 Size 2 diapers for my cake, and it's base is a dollar store pizza pan. I wrapped each diaper individually in a rubber bands, then placed them around a round styrofoam form and wrapped the whole layer in a giant rubber band. I did the same thing for layer 2 and 3. I then wrapped blankets around all three layers, placed ribbon around the bottom and middle layers and the headband around the top layer. I then randomly added the other goodies I got, tucked the washcloths around the diaper ends to cover them up on the bottom layer, stuck in some flowers and was done!

Check out my first diaper cake. They look completely different, but I love them both! Diaper cakes are simple and a great gift for a baby shower! I'm using it as a centerpiece at my sisters shower.

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Shabby Chic Cottage

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I'm working on changing my blog look. Most of you probably view it in Reader so it won't bother you, but if you don't and are actually visiting my page I'm not crazy I promise! It'll probably change a lot before I find one I like, so if things don't match and look a little weird bare with me for a little bit...hopefully it'll be pretty before too long! Thanks for visiting and reading!

Baby Shower - Guest Book

I wanted to make a guest book that could be displayed instead of just put on a shelf, so I decided to do the tree/thumbprint "book" that I've seen on etsy and pinterest. Most people use it for their weddings, but I think it'll work just fine as a baby shower "book" too.

I used an 8x12 canvas I had on hand and sketched out a tree,

painted it in with some brown acrylic paint,

bought a green sharpie and two shades of green ink,

and went ahead and left my thumbprint and name as an example for other guests.

You can see in the top sketch I left an empty spot under the tree, and I'm planning on doing a birth stats thing like this

and adding it to it after the baby is born.

Tomorrow I'll share with you my second attempt at a diaper cake. Check out my first diaper cake in my very first post!

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