Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fun With Food

I decided to make a fun lunch for the boys today. I found this site and this site that have some great ideas, so I chose some and improvised with what we had at the house. The kiddos have lots of sensory issues, and are very limited in what they'll eat, so I'm always trying to introduce new foods and in ways that will entice them to eat.
I made a fish with mandarin oranges and blueberries,

and turned a bologna and cheese sandwich into a monkey (truthfully it was supposed to be Mater from Cars but that didn't turn out so well so I turned it into a monkey)

Unfortunately I think it was too abstract of a concept for them because when I showed it to them and asked them what it was/ what it was in the shape of/ what it looked like (believe me I asked a million ways before giving them the answer) the kiddo who got the fish just kept saying oranges, and the one with the monkey said "Oh wow!" (it got my hopes up here that he got it) then followed it with "A bologna sandwich! Thanks Jessica!" least I had fun making them! :D

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