Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fun Fall Decor

I've been gone for a while, with only the occasional sponsored post written by me.  Did you notice?  Well lets just pretend it didn't happen and carry on where we left off shall we?  Here, look at these awesome things I found on a recent shopping trip at Target.  Ooooh, pretty pictures; forgetting my lack of posting already aren't you!

Aren't they lovely!? I'm loving the owls, but I'm pretty sure the hubster might get upset at bringing in another one...I already have 12 in my living room alone (hey don't judge, it's tastefully done :D). For now I'll just gaze from afar (at least until after Halloween when they're marked down).  Anything you've been drooling over for the Fall season?  Don't you just love Target!?

Update: After posting reviews and sponsored posts, I realized after I posted this that it might seem like one too. Really, it's not; I just loved what I saw when I was wasting time the other day and thought I'd share with you.  However, if Target has an interest I wouldn't turn it down...just saying!