Saturday, July 23, 2011

Five Favorite Finds - Cute Baby Photos Ideas Edition

Today's the big day! I'm SO EXCITED!!!! For those of you that followed my blog this week, you all know I'm throwing a baby shower today. I'll be back tomorrow night hopefully to share with you the big reveal! Brooke's due in 6 1/2 weeks! For my five favorite finds this week I've decided to post some cute baby photos and ideas of keeping track of their growth!

The Macs had a good idea to mark important milestones with a chalkboard

Famille Summerbelle marked each month with magnetic letters and numbers

Young House Love took weekly photos of their baby with colorful fabrics and photoshopped onesies

Hanna Mac Photography made this cute pregnancy book, then continued with monthly updates after the baby was born

Real Simple showcased a cute way to track growth...through the babies shoes!

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  1. Nice ideas! My daughter is already turning 11 months old next week and sadly I never thought any of these before.. But maybe I could start when she turns one and have yearly photo milestone then! :)

    and oh the 3rd pic reminds me of this surprised baby here, :D