Monday, July 11, 2011

Picture Here, Picture There, Picture, Picture Everywhere

I've seen everyone's gallery walls, and have been dreaming of my own for a while. With my time off this past week I finally got one done! Let me tell you, it's alot of work, but SO worth it (although the hubster might never want to hang another picture again :D, love you!)!

First I layed it out all out on the carpet, and arranged, rearranged...rearranged

until I finally got one that I liked.

Then I used an expired coupon circular and traced each frame and object I was going to use, and made templates to arrange on the wall with painters tape.

This idea I saw on Young House Love, and it's genius. It saved my wall from a lot of unwanted holes!

SIDE NOTE: another tip that I discovered just after I was done hanging all the pictures, but might be helpful in the future; put a dab of toothpaste right on the edge of the hook, then put the frame where you want on the wall and you'll know where to put your nail!

One of my main detterents in making this (besides the time) is the price of all the frames. Luckily, Target is having a sale this week on frames for $5 - (4) 4x6, (3) 5x7, or (2) 8x10's!
I also used the two frames I made here, that were only $1 each, a "follow your heart" plaque that was free thanks to Kohl's cash, and two ceramic keys that were being sold in clearance last month for $0.39 each because they were supposedly Christmas ornaments! I already had the double photo frame, the four 8x10s, and the large white signed frame. All in all, the wall only cost me about $17 and some printer ink.

All of the big pictures were from our wedding and engagement, the 5x7's are of places that are special to us for various reasons, and the 4x6's are some pretty flowers that I found on different sites (check out my pinterest quotes and art board to find the sources and some other awesome pictures). Eventually I'll continue it down the whole stairwell, but for now it'll stay like it is, and I'm LOVING it!

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