Thursday, July 21, 2011

Baby Shower - Games and Prizes

We are playing three different games at my sisters shower:
1.Guess the mom's belly size- each person cuts off as much ribbon as they think it'll take to wrap around the mothers belly at it's biggest point (don't worry, it was my sister's idea...she asked if we could play it). Whoever get's the closest wins.

2. Gift Bingo - number each present as they come in and hand out Blank Bingo cards once all the guests have arrive and have them fill in the numbers of gifts in random order on their cards. As the mom opens each gift she calls out the number marked on the gift, and the first person to get Bingo wins!

3. Guess What Celebrity This Is: I printed out the pages found here Game Number 152. They're childhood photos of celebrities. I'm going to give them 5 minutes to figure it out without hints to who the celebrities are, and if no ones gotten it correct by then I'll give them cheat sheets with the possible celebrities listed. Can anyone guess who this celebrity is?...

For prizes I have a spa set, a trio of candles, and some decorative plates. I figure I'll just let whoever wins pick from the prizes.

Two more days...I can't wait! I do so love to throw a party! :)


  1. It's crazy how when you see people years later you can recognize them even though you haven't seen them for a long time. This reminds me a lot of the game you were playing where you looked at celebrations as child and tried to figure out who they are.


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