Monday, July 11, 2011

Yard Work

Warning: this post is going to have lots of pictures and not a lot of words...hope that's ok! :)

I know I'm late in the game with planting flowers, but better late than never! I luckily had the week of the 4th off so the hubster and I spent the early part of the weekend weeding/updating our flower beds. I won't show you a true "before" photo, as in right before we updated them, because the amount of weeds is embarrassing! The "before" photos here are from last summer when we first made the flower beds.

...and here goes the pictures!

Here's the right side of my house (looking from the front yard/road)

P.S. check out how big the peony's got in one year

...the right side (unfortunately most of the flowers we planted last year died because they were pounded on every time it rained. Fortunately we got gutters!)

...and a whole house shot

Yay! Now I just hope I can keep them all alive...any of you green thumbs out there have any suggestions for doing so? What's your favorite fertilizer, way to keep weeds out, or flower that is ridiculously hard to kill even in hot weather?


  1. Hey Jessica, great job on the garden. I love how you fixed it up, and yes it sucks when flowers, and plants die. Things should be much better now that you got gutters, he he.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog girl, I'm so happy to have you!!!

    Also I noticed you were a NO REPLY BLOGGER HELP , and when I tried responding to your comment, I couldn't. While most people simply won't reply, I really wanted to check out your blog, and I'm glad I did, you are awesome. So make sure to go fix that problem, so that you don't miss out on a huge part of blogging. People love comments, but it sucks when you can't respond to them :( Hope you fix this soon :)
    Hugs, Bella
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  2. Hi - Am visiting from the hop! Nice to meet you!

    Like your redo! I'm a big red mulch fan myself - I always find it helps to make flowers really pop in color!

    Am your Newest Follower, too!

    Enjoy the garden!

    Happy Monday-
    beachside cottage