Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Whatever Wednesday

Life has gotten in the way of my posting this week.  I have a few minutes to chat right now so lets play catch up ok?

Must Make Monday Wednesday
Toilet Paper Tube Marble Run @ Two Chicks and A Hen - The kiddos love marble runs, and this one looks so simple to make and transport.  I will totally be making this and saving it for a rainy day!
Fall and Halloween Mantels Roundup @ Rusty Blue Bird - This mantel really caught my eye! I'm LOVING the witch feet hanging down!
Modge Podge and Fabric Phone Covers @ Decorganize Crafts - Beautiful and inexpensive! I am a little obsessed with phone covers, and now the possibilities are endless!
Jalapeno Popper Dip @ Big Red Kitchen - This looks amazing, and with football season here I'll be making lots of dips in my near future!
Nutella Cookies @ Tasty Kitchen - I made these for a church function Monday night.  Mine didn't look as pretty but they tasted good!
Jack-o-Lantern Jars @ Not So Idle Hands - So cute and I totally have all the stuff to do this on hand.

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Toddler Teaching Tuesday Wednesday -
C is for Colors
I kind of cheated this week, ok...I totally cheated this week.  I used the same foods and songs from last weeks B is for Brown Bear unit, we colored a lot of coloring pages and did lots of finger painting, and then I just made it a point to focus on the different colors as we came across them in life.  The bad news is I feel kind of guilty but the good news is colors can come up in lots of other units, and also that K is pretty young so colors aren't really something all that age appropriate anyway and he has a lot of time to learn them!  That might just be me justifying it but hey, remember that whole life thing from the beginning of this post, it also got in the way of my creativity and making anything new time. Oh, and K totally knows red now so at least he learned the most important color (go Wolfpack!).

There, all caught up. Tomorrow I have a totally yummy recipe for something that looks disgusting but is declicious!  See you then!

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