Thursday, June 02, 2011

Dresser Makeover

Moving into a house when I was just out of college and my husband was just out of an apartment meant we had a lot of empty space! Luckily our family was super helpful and nice in giving us furniture they had from here, there, and everywhere; but it left us with quite a hodge podge of everything in the rooms. Over the last year we've gotten around to slowly but surely filling the rooms with new furniture we've bought, but some rooms (like the almost never used guest rooms) I just couldn't justify spending lots of money on. My mom gave us a chest of drawers that, while solid wood, was looking a bit rough and outdated. Sorry I forgot to take before pictures, but I did manage to snap this pic of the drawer right before I sanded it.

Picture old maple wood dresser with very tarnished brass hardware.

I hand sanded it to make it a little rough, then used a can of grey paint I found in the "OOPS!" section at Home Depot. After two coats of paint and some new hardware, it now looks like this:

Much better right!

The knobs are from World Market.

The picture hanging above it is from Peir 1.

Oh, and on the wall perpendicular to where the dresser is are these:

They're actually placemats from Kohl's, but they're hard wood pictures and are mounted on cork; they look like paintings in person. I took one of them to Home Depot for a color match, and the lady at the door ask me if I had painted them or if someone else had! We're planning on using this room as a nursery eventually (hopefully), so I thought it was great decor and would work for babies as well!

There's still LOTS of work to do in that room, but it'll probably stay just like it is (give or take a few knick knacks to place on the dresser) until baby comes along, or there's a need to make it into a "complete" room.

P.S. If anyone is wondering the wall color is agreeable grey by Sherwin Williams...we just painted it about a month ago and up until then it was the "lovely" builders beige color!

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  1. Gotta love what you did with Oops paint!!! Giving you a follow back, I guess that makes me a "follow back girl" Sorry, strange Gwen Stefani humor that I figured you would like ... :-) Jules from bles-id!