Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

Flashback to childhood toys of mine today with the kiddos. We went digging through one of the kiddos closets and found some legos and some lincoln logs! Score!

...side note...is it just me or have legos gotten increasingly complex since I was young? There were a million pieces and like, 35 steps, to complete each little project in the booklet that came with it.

Also, the weather was super nice; especially this morning when it was still in the 80's and humidity was low! We went outside and played hopscotch (throwing in the teaching stuff there counting by 1's and 2's!),

and then we played a game that I kind of made up as we went along with a bullseye and some water guns (practicing counting by 5's and turn taking).

Oh, and then when it got too hot we brought it back new school with some Xbox360 Kinect Bowling!

Only a week and a couple days until the kiddos go back to school I can make it through...I think! :p

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  1. Legos have also gotten super expensive. I'm impressed you trying to teach your kids stuff. This late in the summer I have given up. Thanks for linking up :)