Saturday, August 13, 2011

Five Favorite Finds - Tips and Trick Edition

A not so secret addiction of mine is Pinterest, and lately there have been some pretty cool tips and tricks I've found, which I thought I'd share with you.

Food Lush Blog shares how to keep mold from growing on fresh fruit - wash them in a one part vinegar 10 part water mixture

10 more things to do with vinegar are shared at This Old House - my favorite is cleaning a paintbrush

Martha Stewart, the genius she is, has some great cleaning tips - one is to use a pillowcase to dust your fans so the dust doesn't fly everywhere...why didn't I think of that before!?

I don't know about you (it's probably just me), but I always ruin my cast iron pans just because I can't get them clean enough and it drives me nuts. Martha Stewart also says to scrub them with course salt and a sponge; it gets all the oils and foods off.

Life Hacker shares an idea for an ice bucket that doesn't end up a watery mess - put a colander in a drip bucket! I've seen some really pretty ones at Pier 1 too; I might have to buy some and try this out for my next party!

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