Thursday, October 27, 2011

H is for Halloween - Toddler Teaching

It's been super busy around here, I've been working extra late, and I'm fighting off a cold, so all those combined are excuses for my lack of posting as of late!  I don't have a super long post today either, but I didn't want Halloween to pass without posting some of the great stuff I've found for toddler activities. The tot and I made this with his hand and footprints (idea taken from ok stolen, from Handprint and Footprint Arts&Crafts),

and we painted a pumpkin with some stripes using painters tape then drew on a cute face.

We did lots of the other stuff on my H is for Halloween Pinterest Board too (like soda bottle bowling and frozen "boo"nana pops), but I didn't take pictures, so check out my board if you're interested in more ideas!

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