Saturday, April 09, 2011

Five Favorite Finds

Sorry I've been missing this week, it's been super busy and I've been super unmotivated to do anything once I get down time! I do have some stuff in the works, just nothing completed yet. Look for a dresser redo, a desk redo, and some room redos coming up soon (hopefully). In the meantime, I've decided to feature my top five things I've found in blogland and/or pinterest this week. Some are new posts in the blogs I follow, some are things I've found on pinterest that might be old, but are new to me(by the way to the lady who requested a pinterest invite in my first post about this awesomeness, read the comments...I can't get ahold of you but I do have a few invites left).
Two Girls Being Crafty made this awesome paint chip canvas

I love this pink and grey baby shower at Creating Couture Parties, there's even a tutorial to make the cute grey poms on the napkins
This Zebra Onesie from Daydream Believers is really cute, and as soon as I get a sewing machine I will be making it
Martha Stewart has a how to for this cute Bird Mobile
and these Ham and Cheese Sliders from The Girl Who Ate Everything were my most repinned (shared) thing on Pinterest this week

What do you think about these? Inspire you to make anything? I love reading all of your blogs and looking at all the awesome ideas! Your creativity is amazing! Keep it up, and be on the lookout for some reveals soon. :D

P.S. I'm tryingoping to get an "I Was Featured On Copy Cat Crafter" button soon to make myself feel special! :)

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  1. That sandwich makes me so hungry. I love how it looks like it would melt in your month.