Friday, October 05, 2012

Wine and Design - Also Known As The Post In Which I Actually Did Well At Painting!

The hubster and I tried out one of those art classes that are popping up everywhere. The BYOB ones where they provide all you need to paint and you supply the snacks and drinks.  Instant date night, and tons of fun!  My hubster insists he has no artistic ability, and I've posted before about how my craftiness skills do not include painting, but both of our paintings turned out awesome!  We went to Wine and Design in Cary, NC, and it was by far one of the funnest dates I've been on! The night we went was Starry Skyline, and you got to choose from 5 city skylines.  I chose San Francisco (the city has stolen my heart) and the hubster did Raleigh, NC.  Check out the results!

Fun right!?  I love them, and they're currently on display in one of our guest bedrooms.  It was really cool how we were all being guided to paint the same picture, and yet all of them turned out different.

So, have you tried out any of these classes? Where's your favorite place to paint?


  1. Jessica, we are SOOO happy you and your hubster had a great date night here at our Wine and Design studio in Cary NC. My husband and I own this location and love seeing our customers walk away happy with a fun new experience! We also love teaching and creating new paintings for our customers. Next time you come in, we have a little gift for you:0)
    Marianne Conti Burt (artist/owner)

    1. Wow, thanks for finding and commenting on my blog post! We had lots of fun and are hoping to get in there again soon!